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in September 1st began a round of joint price, including watches brand world, watch brand Jaeger Le Coulter, watch brand OMEGA, Longines and other brands of watches brand. Among them, OMEGA, Longines, Jaeger Le Coulter and other brands are in the first half of this year to second times, the last price concentrated in three or four months.

CENTURY watch Shanghai representative office brand manager Liu Pengbo said, this year a lot of watches has been rising over the price of three, each time 5%-10% range, the highest rate reached 33%. In July, Cartire will be the price increase of 10%; Rolex in April 28th for the first time in July 1st after the price adjustment, price 5%-10%; others like Tissot, Tudor and other brands in this year conducted two rounds of price increases.

from the Far East and especially China, aaa tissot replica watches strong consumption capacity, the Swiss watchmaking "such as drinking water". Federation of the Swiss watch industry offerred data shows, 2011 first half of the year, more than half of Swiss watch exports to Asia, including Mainland China exports fake citizen watches to watch more than 700000000 Swiss francs (about 5200000000 yuan), an increase of 47.8%, in all markets in most high, mainland China has thus become the Swiss watches are the third largest export market.

, the Swiss watch industry is the pillar industry of switzerland. Since this year, the Swiss watch brand continued to receive the double pressure: on the one hand, the Swiss franc against the euro and the dollar exchange rate continued to rise. Industry analysts believe that, in mid August this year, the Swiss franc against the euro exchange rate close to 1 ∶ 1, a year to the Swiss Franc has appreciated 20%, the weak euro, dollar for Europe and the United States also has business Swiss watchmaking group, mean profits shrink. On the other hand, gold (1814.90,33.50,1.88%), diamond and other raw materials prices began soaring rolex replica watch since the beginning of the year, since the last Tuesday gold even break through $1920 an ounce. This also increases the five or six round diamonds. Cost pressure lead to Swiss luxury watches in the global price trend is irreversible.

because the majority of consumers with "gold can hedge" consumer psychology, watch brand more price more qiaoxiao. In Hangzhou, OMEGA, Longines, Rolex often out of stock, especially some Qiaoxiao paragraph, such as the master series, Cartire Longines blue balloon series and OMEGA constellation series and so on, counter stock week-long phenomenon.

in response to cost pressures and China and other places of the strong consumption capacity, the Swiss watch native luxury watches another round of price surge. As of this month, China Hangzhou Tower part of the clock counter such as universal watches, Jaeger Le Coulter watches once again raised the Swiss high-end price, price increases in the range 5%-10%.

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